Asymmetric Oxidation and Carbene Transfer Reactions Catalyzed By Metalloporphyrins in Water

Monday, 25 May 2015: 16:20
Lake Michigan (Hilton Chicago)
G. Simonneaux (CNRS), P. Le Maux (University of Rennes1), D. Carrie (CNRS), and S. Chevance (University of Rennes1)
The development of environmentally benign reactions is an important goal in synthetic organic chemistry and chemical engineering. However, catalytic enantioselective reactions using transition-metal complexes in protic or aqueous solvents are within limited ranges. The current applications of asymmetric catalysis using metalloporphyrins will be reported (1). Distinct methodologies have been developed for carbene transfer and oxidation reactions such as the use of water-soluble catalysts (2). Comparison between hydrophobic and hydrophilic solvents will be discussed from an asymmetric point of view.

Catalytic enantioselective oxidations using transition-metal complexes are limited when the oxidant is hydrogen peroxide. The two main difficulties of using hydrogen peroxide in the presence of transition metal complexes are the homolytic cleavage generating OH radicals and the catalase reaction with formation of dioxygen. Asymmetric sulfoxidation, epoxidation of alkenes and hydroxylation catalyzed by iron and manganese porphyrins will be described (3). Thus the asymmetric epoxidation of styrene derivatives by H2O2 (or UHP) to give optically active epoxides (ee up to 81%) and hydroxylation of alkanes to give optically active secondary alcohols (ee up to 78%) were carried out in methanol and water using chiral water-soluble iron porphyrins as catalysts.

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