Mathematical Modeling of Multi-Physics Electrochemical Devices

Monday, 25 May 2015: 10:20
Conference Room 4K (Hilton Chicago)
T. W. Farrell (Queensland University of Technology)
Electrochemical devices such as batteries and electrochemical solar cells are often described as multi-physics devices. This is a catch-all term meant to convey the fact that these devices are inherently multi-scale, multi-component and multi-phase in nature and that their operation involves complicated interfacial charge transfer and bulk solid and solution phase charge transport. Consequently, the development of accurate and meaningful mathematical models and numerical simulations for such devices is a complex task. Such modelling however, can play a vital role in the optimization of these devices via the identification of the key parameters that control their operational behaviour for a range of conditions and material configurations.

In this presentation we will consider examples from some of the authors previous(1-10) and current work on the mathematical modelling of multi-physics electrochemical devices such as battery electrodes, solar cells and nano-diodes to highlight the challenges, approaches and outcomes of such modelling.  


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