Continuum -1

Monday, 25 May 2015: 10:20-12:20
Conference Room 4K (Hilton Chicago)
Stephen J. Paddison and Keith Promislow
Mathematical Modeling of Multi-Physics Electrochemical Devices
T. W. Farrell (Queensland University of Technology)
Simulations of Phase Transformation Dynamics in LiFePO4 Particles in Battery Electrode
H. C. Yu, B. Orvananos, O. Akyildiz, and K. Thornton (University of Michigan)
Modeling of Structural Changes in Cathodes of Lithium Ion Batteries Depending on State of Charge
B. Kleinsteinberg (RWTH Aachen University, ISEA) and D. U. Sauer (Juelich Aachen Research Alliance, JARA-Energy, Germany, RWTH Aachen University, ISEA)