Origami-Type Supercapacitor Chips with High Voltage Performance

Wednesday, 27 May 2015
Salon C (Hilton Chicago)
I. Nam, G. P. Kim, S. Park, S. Bae, Y. G. Yoo, J. Park (Seoul National University), J. W. Han (University of Seoul), and J. Yi (Seoul National University)
The recent boom in electronics requires high performance and stretchable energy storage systems. As a result, the growth of energy storage system with patterning assembly technologies has been accelerated. In this research, we introduce a novel design in the supercapacitors, which enables us to realize the unlimitedly increased potential window characteristics that are unavailable when conventional schemes are applied. The patterning assembly of superapacitors improves the electrochemical performance of the energy storage by a high surface-to-volume ratio and non-use of binders and separators in their fabrication. Moreover, the technique generates physical advantages, such as folding and stretching of the supercapacitor system. The new supercapacitor system is composed of periodically isolated electrodes and sectionalized electrolytes without restrictions on electrode or electrolyte selections. The isolated electrodes and sectionalized electrolytes are key factors for the extremely packed analogical series circuit system which permits energy and power to be simultaneously increased. This energy storage system also assumes an origami-type that accommodates extremely high stable stretching. We believe that our concept provides noteworthy implications across a number of disciplines toward ultimate energy, power and stretchable devices for next generation of electronics.