Flexible Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery with Large Scale Interdigitated Electrodes

Wednesday, 27 May 2015: 16:00
Salon A-3 (Hilton Chicago)
K. B. Kim (Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Seoul National University), A. D. S. Da Costa (Korea Institute of Science and Technology), T. H. Kang (Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Seoul National University), W. R. Yu (Seoul National University), N. I. Kim (Rocket Electronic Cooperation, LTD), K. H. Oh (Seoul National University), and I. S. Choi (Korea Institute of Science and Technology)
On the advent of flexible devices, developing thin and flexible lithium-ion batteries (FLB) becomes a requisite for full flexible electronic application.  Here, we contrived a co-planar type thin and flexible Lithium ion battery by using the design concept of interdigitated electrodes. Whereas a conventional LIB has its components in layer by layer structures, the co-planar type lithium ion battery has the interdigitated structure of positive and negative electrodes on the same plane without a separator, which possibly leads to a thinner battery thickness and stress relieved electrode structure. Unlike previous co-planar type microbatteries, we fabricated pouch cell type batteries with large scale interdigitated electrode structures (~ mm dimension scale) using conventional electrode materials. Our electrochemical tests showed the energy density per cathode area of ~ 1.4 mAh/cm2 and the specific capacity of cathode of 93.61 mAh/g after the cycle test up to 300, which successfully demonstrated the feasibility of a co-planar design pouch cell LIB with the interdigitated electrodes. Furthermore, our mechanical bending test results showed that the co-planar-type battery is mechanically stable during 4000 bending cycles with a bending radius of 1/8 inch.