Effect of Temperature on Characteristics of Pt/C Gas-Diffusion Electrode Used in Electrodeposition of Manganese Dioxide for Saving Energy

Tuesday, 26 May 2015: 11:40
PDR 3 (Hilton Chicago)


We have researched a new energy-saving and environmentally friendly method for electrodeposition of manganese dioxide using a Pt/C gas diffusion electrode as cathode instead of the traditional cathode. Our previous research has been published. Here we research that temperature dependence of characteristics of Pt/C GDE at various temperatures for saving energy and green electrodeposition of manganese dioxide. The gas-diffusion electrode based on Pt/C catalyst (Pt/C GDE) is prepared by rolling method. The Pt/C catalyst is 3-4nm. The Pt loading was 0.68±0.02 mg/cm2. The gas-diffusion electrode based on Pt/C catalyst is investigated in 30g/dm3 H2SO4 +120g /dm3 MnSO4 in the temperature range 30-90C. The activity of the Pt/C GDE increases at first and decreases afterwards and then again increased with rising temperature. The current of the Pt/C GDE is 0.01057A/cm2, 0.0199A/cm2, 0.01579 A/cm2, 0.01704 A/cm2 at 30, 50, 70 and 90C at -0.4V/Hg/HgSO4. The cell voltage can decrease 40%, 45%,47% and 45.8% compared with that of the traditional cathode in 100s at 30, 50, 70 and 90C, respectively. The oxygen reduction reaction mechanism of the Pt/C GDE used in electrodeposition of manganese dioxide does not change.