Synthesis and Property of Novel Phthalocyanine Having Pentafluorosulfanyl (SF5) Group on the Peripheral Positions

Tuesday, 26 May 2015: 09:00
Lake Michigan (Hilton Chicago)
N. Shibata (Nagoya Institute of Technology)
The pentafluorosulfanyl (SF5) group is probably one of the most obscure, but attractive fluorinated functional groups in future materials. The SF5 moiety is thermally, hydrolytically and chemically stable and is considered to be a “super-trifluoromethyl (CF3) group”. Besides, the SF5 group is larger than the CF3 group with higher lipophilicity and electronegativity. In addition, the geometry of these two functional groups is completely different: the SF5 group presents a pyramidal electron density while the CF3 displays an inverted cone of density. Although applications of SF5 compounds in material science and medicinal chemistry have been reported, there is no example of the synthesis of phtalocyanineshaving an SF5 moiety in their structures. In this paper, we disclose the synthesis and properties of SF5-substituted phtalocyanines.