(Invited) Scalable Assembly and Alignment of Highly Electronic-Type Purified Semiconducting Carbon Nanotubes for High Performance Field Effect Transistors

Monday, 25 May 2015: 11:20
Lake Huron (Hilton Chicago)
M. S. Arnold, G. J. Brady, Y. Joo, M. Y. Wu, M. J. Shea, and P. Gopalan (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
We have pioneered a scalable approach for depositing aligned arrays of ultrahigh purity semiconducting SWCNTs (prepared using polyfluorene-derivatives) called floating evaporative self-assembly (FESA). In this talk, we will first present on the scaling and physics of FESA. We will then present on high performance field effect transistors (FETs) fabricated from the arrays. FESA is exploited to create FETs with exceptionally high combined on-conductance and on-off ratio of 261 μS/μm and 2x105, respectively, for a channel length of 240 nm. This is 1400x greater on-off ratio than SWCNT FETs fabricated by other methods, at comparable on-conductance per width of ~250 µS/µm, and 30-100x greater on-conductance per width, at comparable on-off ratio of 105-107.