(Invited) Synthesis, Properties and Applications of Group IV Graphane Analogues

Tuesday, 26 May 2015: 08:40
Lake Ontario (Hilton Chicago)
S. Jiang, M. Arguilla, N. Cultrara, and J. E. Goldberger (The Ohio State University)
In this talk, we will summarize our recent work on the synthesis, properties, and applications of a new family of two-dimensional materials based on sp3-hybridized Group IV elements. Ligand-terminated Si, Ge, and Sn graphane analogues are an emerging and unique class of two-dimensional materials that offer the potential to tailor the structure, stability, and properties via covalent chemistry. The presence of a fourth bond on the surface of the layers allows these materials to have the surface terminating ligand to be exchanged with a variety of organic functional groups.  These materials feature a direct band gap which can be tuned with the surface ligand and the main group element.  These materials can be synthesized as robust single crystals in gram-scale quantities, exfoliated into single layers, and prepared on conventional VLSI substrates as few-layer thin films.  Furthermore, these graphane analogues are resilient towards oxidation and thermal degradation.  Additionally, we will describe our recent studies on the electronic and thermal properties of these systems. Overall, this class of two-dimensional materials are not only promising building blocks for a variety of conventional semiconductor applications, but also provides a pioneering platform to systematically and rationally control material properties using covalent chemistry.