Electric Current Rectifying Device That Is Completely in Liquid State: A Theoretical Proposal

Wednesday, 27 May 2015: 08:05
Marquette (Hilton Chicago)
G. I. Guerrero-Garcia (Northwestern University, Institute of Physics, UASLP, Mexico), K. Raidongia, J. Huang, and M. Olvera de la Cruz (Northwestern University)
In recent years there has been an increasing interest in the development of electronic devices using non-conventional soft matter materials, as a novel alternative to traditional solid state electronic devices. These traditional solid state devices are fragile and usually are made of non-biocompatible materials. The possibility of producing resilient nano-electronic devices opens a new avenue in the development of technological applications. In this work, we propose the theoretical construction of an electric current rectifying device using a mixture of electrolytes in a configuration that is completely in liquid state.