Nanotechnology General Morning Session

Wednesday, 27 May 2015: 08:00-12:20
Marquette (Hilton Chicago)
O. M Leonte , Sabri Alkis and Manashi Nath
Introductory Remarks
Electric Current Rectifying Device That Is Completely in Liquid State: A Theoretical Proposal
G. I. Guerrero-Garcia (Northwestern University, Institute of Physics, UASLP, Mexico), K. Raidongia, J. Huang, and M. Olvera de la Cruz (Northwestern University)
Electroforming Free Non-Volatile Resistive Memory Switching in Pulsed Laser Deposited Rare-Earth Oxides Thin Films
Y. Sharma (Dept. of Physics, University of Puerto Rico), S. P. Pavunny, and R. S. Katiyar (University of Puerto Rico)
Tin Oxides with Nano and Micron-Sized Pores for Functional Electrochemical Devices
E. J. Kim and H. C. Shin (Pusan National University)
Nano-Second Pulse Programming of Resistive RAM Devices and Its Benefits
L. Montesi, M. Buckwell, A. Mehonic, S. Hudziak, and T. Kenyon (University College London)
Laterally Assembled Ga2Te3/In2Te3 Hetero-Nanostructures for Thermoelectric Applications
Y. T. Hung, T. H. Chen, H. C. Chang, and C. H. Chen (National Chiao Tung University)
Core-Shell Structured Supported Size-Selective Catalysts with High Catalytic Activity
Z. Shang and X. Liang (Missouri University of Science and Technology)
Pgs Synthesis with the Sulfated Titania Catalyst for the Esterificaiton (Cancelled)
High-Performance SOFC Electrodes Synthesized By Novel One-Step Chemical Routes
A. E. Martinelli (UFRN), D. A. Macedo (UFPB), M. R. Cesário, C. A. Paskocimas (UFRN), D. P. Fagg (University of Aveiro), and R. M. Nascimento (UFRN - Department of Materials Engineering)
Growth of Ordered Nanostructure Arrays including Nanotubes and Nanorods for High Efficiency Solar Cells
W. P. R. Liyanage and M. Nath (Missouri University of Science & Technology)
Enhanced Light Scattering with Energy Downshifting Using 16 Nm Indium Nitride Nanoparticles for Improved Thin-Film a-Si N-I-P Solar Cells
F. I. Chowdhury, K. Islam (Masdar Institute of Science and Technology), S. Alkis (Bilkent University), B. Ortaç (Material Science and Nanotechnology, Bilkent University), M. Alevli (Department of Physics, Marmara University), N. Dietz (Georgia State University), A. Okyay (UNAM), and A. Nayfeh (Masdar Institue of Science and Technology)
Enhancing the Rate Capability of Hybrid Supercapacitors Based on Redox Active Electrolytes through High-Surface Area Reduced Graphene Oxide
S. Roldán, O. Bondarchuk (CIC energiGUNE), J. Carretero-González (CIC Energigune), T. Rojo (CIC energiGUNE), and R. Mysyk (CIC Energigune)
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