Development of Highly Durable Ni-MH Batteries through Introduction of Highly Conductive Co Compound-Coated Ni (OH) 2 Technology

Monday, 25 May 2015: 08:00
Continental Room A (Hilton Chicago)
S. Yasuoka (FDK CORPORATION), D. Shuichi (Fujitsu Laboratories LTD), Y. Imoto, T. Kai (FDK CORPORATION), T. Yamazaki (Fujitsu Laboratories LTD), T. Ito, T. Yano, K. Takeno, and H. Yanagawa (FDK CORPORATION)
New L.S.D.(Low Self-Discharge)type Ni-MH batteries, such as  eneloop Ni-MH batteries,  were developed by introducing two major and original technological innovations. The first is a super-lattice hydrogen absorbing alloy technology, which results in higher capacity and longer cycle life. The second is HCN: highly conductive Co compound-coated Ni (OH) 2 technology, which results in higher capacity and higher durability. Even if HCN is charged and discharged in a cell, it maintains the same crystal structure as the raw material, Co valence differs from CoOOH which Co(OH)2 is clearly charged in the cell, it’s crystal structure  is less apt to collapse and over-discharge characteristics are improved. By optimizing HCN manufacturing method, we succeeded in developing a more highly durable positive electrode and cell.