Electrolyte Development for Magnesium Ion Battery

Tuesday, 26 May 2015: 12:00
Salon A-5 (Hilton Chicago)
N. Sa (Argonne National Lab), D. L. Proffit, J. T. Vaughey, A. L. Lipson, C. Liao, B. J. Ingram (Argonne National Laboratory), Y. Ren (Argonne National Laboratory, Advanced Photon Source), and A. K. Burrell (JCESR at Argonne National Laboratory)
Abundance of the magnesium element in the earth's crust as well as the safety features of Mg metal have attracted considerable attention for rechargeable Mg battery development. Before the successful invention of a prototype Mg ion battery, optimization of the Mg electrolyte performance is necessary. Exploration of the compatibility of an Mg electrolyte with high voltage cathode materials against Mg metal anode remains to be a big challenge. In this work, we will present some current studies of the electrolyte development for Mg ion battery. Specifically, electrochemical evaluation of the performance of the magnesium bis(trifluoromethane sulfonyl)imide-based non-aqueous electrolyte on the cathode and anode materials will be discussed.