Progress in Electrolytes I

Tuesday, 26 May 2015: 08:00-12:20
Salon A-5 (Hilton Chicago)
Marshall C. Smart , Kang Xu and Brett L Lucht
Organosilicon-Based Electrolytes with Superior Thermal and Electrochemical Stability to Enable High Energy Lithium Ion Batteries (Cancelled)
SEI-Film-Suppression Additive for Enhancing Compatibility and Electrochemical Stability of Graphite Anode in PC-Based Electrolytes
H. Xiang (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Hefei University of Technology), P. Yan, P. Bhattacharya, M. E. Bowden, R. Cao (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory), J. Qian (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA), B. J. Polzin (Argonne National Laboratory), C. Wang, J. G. Zhang, and W. Xu (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)
The Impact of Additives upon the Propensity of Lithium Plating at Low Temperatures in Mcmb-LiNiCoAlO2-Based Li-Ion Cells with Methyl Propionate-Based Electrolytes
M. C. Smart, F. C. Krause, J. P. Jones, C. Hwang, L. D. Whitcanack, B. V. Ratnakumar (Jet Propulsion Lab., California Institute of Technology), M. R. Tomcsi, and V. Visco (Quallion, LLC)
Novel Highly Conductive Polymer Electrolytes for Li-Ion Batteries Applications
M. Leclere (CEA-Grenoble, INSA-Lyon), H. Mendil-Jakani, P. Rannou, S. Lyonnard (CEA-Grenoble, INAC/SPrAM, UMR 5819, France), S. Livi (INSA - IMP - UMR CNRS 5223), G. Gebel (CEA Grenoble - LITEN/DTNM/DIR - France), J. Duchet-Rumeau (INSA- IMP - UMR CNRS 5223- France), and L. Picard (CEA-Grenoble, LITEN/ DEHT/ SCGE/ LGI, France)
Role of 1, 3-Propane Sultone and Vinylene Carbonate in Solid Electrolyte Interface (SEI) Formation and Gas Generation
B. L. Lucht (University of Rhode Island), A. Garsuch (BASF SE), H. A. Gasteiger (Technical University of Munich), B. Zhang (University of Rhode Island), M. Metzger (Technische Universität München), S. Meini (BASF SE), M. Payne (BASF), and S. Solchenbach (Technische Universität München)
(Invited) New Electrolyte Solvents and Additives Designed for Li Ion and Beyond Chemistries
K. Xu (Center for Research on Extreme Batetries, U.S. Army Research Laboratory), Z. Zhang, D. P. Abraham, K. Amine (Argonne National Laboratory), A. V. Cresce, S. M. Russell, O. Borodin (U.S. Army Research Laboratory), and C. Wang (University of Maryland College Park)
Trimethylboroxine Vs. Lithium Tetrafluoroborate As Electrolyte Additives for High Voltage LiCoPO4 Cathode Materials: Key Role of Boron Trifluoride
D. Haering, C. Marino (Technische Universität München), C. Stinner (BMW AG), and H. A. Gasteiger (Technical University of Munich)
Electrolyte Additives for Reducing the Irreversible Capacity Loss, Impedance and Polarization of a Doped LiCoPO4 Cathode
J. L. Allen, J. L. Allen, S. A. Delp III, and T. R. Jow (U.S. Army Research Laboratory)
New Insights into Structure-Property-Relationship of High-Voltage Electrolyte Components for Lithium-Ion Batteries Using a pka Value Approach
D. R. Gallus, R. Wagner, B. Streipert, V. Kraft, W. Weber, R. Kloepsch, S. Wiemers-Meyer, I. Cekic-Laskovic, and M. Winter (MEET Battery Research Center, University of Muenster)
A Combined Computational and Experimental Approach to Determine Mg(BH4)2 Electrolyte Parameters
A. F. Chadwick, G. Vardar, K. Thornton, and D. Siegel (University of Michigan)
Electrolyte Development for Magnesium Ion Battery
N. Sa (Argonne National Lab), D. L. Proffit, J. T. Vaughey, A. L. Lipson, C. Liao, B. J. Ingram (Argonne National Laboratory), Y. Ren (Argonne National Laboratory, Advanced Photon Source), and A. K. Burrell (JCESR at Argonne National Laboratory)