Tuesday, 26 May 2015: 08:55-11:35
Conference Room 4H (Hilton Chicago)
Shelley D. Minteer and Huyen N Dinh
Welcoming Remarks
Bioinspired Metal Organic Naostructures for Electrcatalysis
D. Grumelli (Max-Planck-Institute for Solid State Research, Instituto de Investigaciones Fisicoquímicas INIFTA), B. Wurster, D. Hötger, R. Gutzler (Max-Planck-Institute for Solid State Research), and K. Kern (Max-Planck-Institute for Solid State Research, Institut de Physique de la Matière Condensée EPFL)
Bio-Inspired Design of Electrocatalysts for Oxidation of Small Organic Compounds
S. Babanova (J. Craig Venter Institute), I. Matanovic, A. T. Perry III, A. Serov, K. Artyushkova, and P. Atanassov (University of New Mexico)
Proton Channels on Molecular Electrocatlaysts for Hydrogenase Mimics
W. Shaw, A. Dutta, and J. Roberts (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)
Quinone Electrochemistry: From the Electron Transport Chain to Electron Mediators and Orientational Moieites
S. D. Minteer (University of Utah), F. Giroud (CNRS-Université Joseph Fourier, University of Utah), R. D. Milton, and B. Tan (University of Utah)
Pd-Based Metal Aerogels with Promoted Bioelectrocatalytic Behavior
D. Wen, W. Liu (Physical Chemistry, TU Dresden), and A. Eychmüller (Chair of Physical Chemistry, TU Dresden)
Selective Electrochemical Sensing of Human Albumin By Semi-Covalent Imprinting
M. Cieplak (Institute of Physical Chemistry PAS), K. Szwabinska (Institute of Physical Chemistry PAS, IChTE Poznan University of Technology), C. KC (University of North Texas), P. Borowicz (Institute of Physical Chemistry PAS, Institute of Electron Technology), K. R. Noworyta (Institute of Physical Chemistry PAS), F. D'Souza (University of North Texas), and W. Kutner (Institute of Physical Chemistry PAS, Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski Uniwesity in Warsaw)