Gas Sensors 1

Tuesday, 26 May 2015: 14:00-15:40
Marquette (Hilton Chicago)
Gary W Hunter
Gas Composition Monitoring in Cryogenic Fluid Transfer Lines
G. W. Hunter (NASA Glenn Research Center), J. Williams, D. B. Makel (Makel Engineering, Inc.), R. G. Johnson (NASA Kennedy Space Center), A. M. Biaggi-Liabiosa (NASA Glenn Research Center), and C. C. Liu (Case Western Reserve University)
Electrochemical Characterization of Electrode Materials for Mixed-Potential Sensors
J. M. Reynolds (Tennessee State University), S. C. Brown, E. L. Brosha, R. Mukundan (Los Alamos National Laboratory), F. H. Garzon (University of New Mexico/ Sandia National Laboratory), and C. R. Kreller (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
Amperometric Oxygen Sensor Based on Bimetallic Pd-V/C/Nafion Electrode
H. L. Wu and Y. C. Weng (Feng Chia University)
Si Doped Metastable Epsilon-WO3 Nano-Particle Film for Human Breath Acetone Sensing (Cancelled)
Gas Sensing Behaviors of Hierarchically Structured Nickel Oxide Film by Electrophoretic Deposition
Y. Chung, H. Park, E. Lee, S. Lee, and D. J. Kim (Auburn University)