Membrane, Ionomer and BOP

Thursday, 28 May 2015: 08:00-11:40
Boulevard Room A (Hilton Chicago)
Christopher George Arges and Robert M. Darling
(Invited) Separator Requirements for Nonaqueous Flow Batteries
R. M. Darling (United Technologies Research Center)
Gas Permeation Study in Thin and Ultra-Thin Ionomer Films
M. Tesfaye (University of California Berkeley, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory), B. D. McCloskey, and A. Z. Weber (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
Membrane Transport in a CuCl(aq)/HCl(aq) Electrolytic Cell
D. M. Hall, R. Lotfi, S. Kim, and S. N. Lvov (The Pennsylvania State University)
Next Generation Anion Exchange Membranes Based on Perfluorinated Polymer Backbones
Z. Page-Belknap, M. C. Kuo (Colorado School of Mines), B. S. Pivovar (National Renewable Energy Laboratory), and A. M. Herring (Colorado School of Mines)
Novel Hyperbranched Polymer-Based Anion-Exchange Membranes
O. Movil-Cabrera, L. Frank (Ohio University), and J. A. Staser (Chemical Engineering)
Uni-Directional Orientation of Ionic Domains in Block Copolymer Electrolytes for Anisotropic Ion Transport
C. G. Arges and P. F. Nealey (University of Chicago, Argonne National Laboratory)
Multiple Advance Diagnostics to Probe the Effect of Balance of Plant Materials on Fuel Cell Performance
C. B. Staub (University of South Carolina), J. M. Christ (Colorado School of Mines), G. Bender, C. S. Macomber, H. Wang, and H. N. Dinh (National Renewable Energy Laboratory)
Novel Gas Diffusion Layers with Separate Gas and Water Pathways for Pemfcs
Q. He, J. Li, L. Li (Illinois Institute of Technology), and L. Shaw (Wanger Institute for Sustainable Energy Research)
Hybrid Inorganic/Organic Membranes for Medium Temperature PEM Fuel Cells
M. E. Córdova-Chávez, E. M. Kelder, and S. J. Picken (Technical University Delft)