Nano-Micro Sensors and Systems in Healthcare 4

Tuesday, 26 May 2015: 14:00-18:00
Continental Room C (Hilton Chicago)
Ronald Pethig and Anthony Peter Francis Turner
(Keynote) Near-Zero-Power Electrochemical Sensors for Wearable Wireless Health, Safety, Surveillance and Environmental Electronics
J. R. Stetter (KWJ Engineering, Inc., SPEC Sensors, LLC), M. T. Carter (KWJ Engineering, Inc), and E. F. Stetter (SPEC Sensors, LLC)
A Novel Viscometer Based on Self-Propelled Nanomotor
L. Li, T. Li (Harbin Institute of Technology), J. Wang (Harbin Institute of Technology, Heilongjiang University of Science and Technology), and G. Zhang (Harbin Institute of Technology)
(Keynote) Oxygen Sensing Microfluidic Structures for Biomedical and Environmental Science Research
J. W. Grate, R. Kelly, N. Anheier, J. Suter (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory), T. Schmidt (University of Michigan), and A. Vasdekis (University of Idaho)
Estimation of Crystalline Structure and Gas Transport Properties of Crystalline Fluorinated Copolymer
G. Matsuba, T. Nyuui (Grad of Sci and Eng, Yamagata University), S. Sato (Depertment of Engineering, Tokyo Denki University), and K. Nagai (
Magnetoelastic Biosensors for Real-Time, Wireless Pathogen Detection on Surfaces
Y. Chai, S. Horikawa (Materials Research & Education Center, Auburn University), J. Hu (Changzhou University), and B. A. Chin (Auburn University)
Antibody-Free Electrochemical Detection of Cortisol Using Molecularly Imprinted Polymer 
P. Manickam, S. K. Pasha, and S. Bhansali (Florida International University)