CO2 Conversion at Room Temperature

Tuesday, 26 May 2015: 14:00-18:20
Boulevard Room B (Hilton Chicago)
Anne C. Co , John A Staser and Xiao-Dong Zhou
(Invited) Electrosynthesis of Fuels Directly from CO2
A. C. Co, J. Billy, and K. Muhlenkamp (The Ohio State University)
(Invited) Defect-Rich CO2 Reduction Catalysts
X. Feng and M. Kanan (Stanford University)
(Invited) Two-Dimensional Materials for Electrochemical Synthesis of Fuels
J. Wu, M. Liu, K. Hackenberg, Y. Liu, R. M. Yadav (Rice University), P. P. Sharma, X. D. Zhou (University of South Carolina), B. Wood (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory), B. I. Yakobson, J. Lou, and P. M. Ajayan (Rice University)
(Invited) Electrochemical CO2 Reduction to Formic Acid on Crystalline SnO2 Nanosphere Catalyst
Y. Fu (Donghua University), Y. Liu (Tohoku University), Y. Li, J. Qiao (Donghua University), and X. D. Zhou (University of South Carolina)
Electrochemical Reduction of CO2 Using Bi-Layer Cu2O Electrodes
J. Bugayong (Louisiana State University) and G. L. Griffin (Center for Atomic-Level Catalyst Design, Louisiana State University)
Electrochemical Methanation of Carbon Dioxide with Highly Dispersed Copper Nanocatalysts
K. Manthiram, B. J. Beberwyck, and A. P. Alivisatos (University of California, Berkeley, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
CO2 Electrocatalytic Reduction at Gold and Copper Electrodes: Role of Particle Size and Surface Chemistry
E. M. Andrews (LSU), J. Flake, and Y. Fang (Louisiana State University)
Enhancing the Electrochemical Surface Area of Tin Based Porous Electrodes for Carbon Dioxide Reduction to Formate
A. S. Agarwal (DNVGL), D. Gautam (University of Cincinnati), E. Rode (DNVGL), J. B. Jasinski (Conn Center for Renewable Energy Research), T. Q. Nguyen (University of Louisville, Chemical Engineering), M. K. Sunkara (Univ of Louisville, Conn Center for Renewable Energy Res), and N. Sridhar (DNVGL)