Microporous Polymer Membranes Tailored for Redox Flow Batteries

Wednesday, October 14, 2015: 10:20
106-A (Phoenix Convention Center)
B. A. Helms, C. Li (The Molecular Foundry), A. L. Ward (The Molecular Foundry), S. E. Doris (Department of Chemistry, Univ. of California, Berkeley), T. Pascal (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory), and D. Prendergast (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
Redox flow batteries present unique opportunities for achieving multi-hour electrochemical energy storage at ultra-low cost. Too often, the barrier for implementing them is the unfettered migration redox active species across the ion-transporting membrane, which shorts the battery and exacerbates capacity fade. Here, we advance a new membrane platform with exceptional blocking ability for soluble polysulfides dissolved in flowable catholytes, at minimal impact to ionic conductivity. As a result, Li-S battery performance is dramatically improved, even when anode-protecting LiNO3 additives are absent.