Pyro Synthesis of Functional Nanocrystals for Energy Storage Devices

Tuesday, October 13, 2015
West Hall 1 (Phoenix Convention Center)


Despite nanomaterials with unique properties playing a vital role in scientific and technological advancements of various fields including chemical and electrochemical applications, the scope for exploration of nano-scale applications is still wide open. The intimate correlation between material properties and synthesis in combination with the urgency to enhance the empirical understanding of nanomaterials demand the evolution of new strategies to promising materials. Herein we introduce a rapid pyro-synthesis (Fig.1.) that produces highly crystalline functional nanomaterials under reaction times of a few seconds in open-air conditions. The versatile technique may facilitate the development of a variety of nanomaterials and, in particular, carbon-coated metal phosphates with appreciable physico-chemical properties benefiting energy storage applications. The present strategy may present opportunities to develop ‘‘design rules’’ not only to produce nanomaterials for various applications but also to realize cost-effective and simple nanomaterial production beyond lab-scale limitations.