Quaternized Graphene Oxide-Based  Supercapacitor Electrode

Tuesday, October 13, 2015: 10:20
103-A (Phoenix Convention Center)
O. Movil-Cabrera (Ohio University) and J. A. Staser (Chemical Engineering)
Electrochemical capacitors (supercapacitors) have received considerable attention as promising energy storage devices for applications including transportation, load leveling, and personal electronic devices.  Common features among electrochemical capacitors are high power density and cycle life, and although they may differ with respect to electrode material, most electrochemical capacitors employ some type of high surface area carbon electrode.  With the emergence of graphene (a single atom thick layer of carbon), some recent attention has focused on using this material as a supercapacitor electrode with generally promising results.  In this paper, we present novel quaternized graphene oxide-based supercapacitor electrodes.  We compare these materials to unmodified graphene oxide.  Our results indicate the functionalized graphene oxide materials exhibit higher capacity than unmodified graphene oxide, leading us to conclude that these materials may be suitable for supercapacitor electrodes.  In addition, we show that the functionalized graphene oxide materials exhibit a mix of double-layer and pseudocapacitance, which ultimately could further enhance material capacity.