(Invited) The Next Generation Biochip

Monday, October 12, 2015: 09:00
Ellis West (Hyatt Regency)
Y. S. Yang (National Chiao Tung University)
Biochip in the form of microarray is an ingenious way to collect large amount of biological information from complex biochemical processes in an organism. This method is especially suited for the current genomic and proteomic era when many biological and medical questions can be answered from analyzing big molecular data. We are facing issues such as aging, chronical diseases and personal medicine, all of which require efficient collection and analysis of biochemical information. However, applications of traditional biochip array are facing some major limitations, such as labeling requirement, specificity and sensitivity issues. We propose the development of a Next Generation bioChip (NGC) that fulfills the unmet needs of current biochip to face the growing demand in health care. The proposed NGC takes full advantage of modern electronics and can easily integrate with current development in biochip and other progress in molecular diagnostics. In this presentation, we use polysilicon nanowire field effect transistor base biosensor as an example to demonstrate that the NGC can be achieved with current technologies. Key techniques and its experimental details will be presented to show that the commercial NGC can be built in the near future.