Luminescence Quenching of [M]NbO4:Pr3+ [M=La, Lu, Gd] Under UV Excitation

Tuesday, October 13, 2015: 14:00
Phoenix West (Hyatt Regency)
J. Collins (Wheaton College), E. Labovitis, M. Bettinelli (Department of Biotechnology, University of Verona), A. Sutton (Wheaton College), and K. Dauphinais (Wheaton College)
We report on the luminescence properties of three Pr3+-doped niobate systems (LaNbO4, LuNbO4, and LaNbO4) in the temperature range between 7K and 500K. These systems are d0 oxides that exhibit a metal-to-metal charge transfer state lying just below the conduction band. Pumping in the UV, the system exhibits the typical sharp line emission from the 3P0 and 1D2 levels of Pr3+. The emission intensities from these levels are temperature and host dependent, with the 1D2 emission showing strong quenching at higher temperatures. In addition to the Pr emission, we also observe broad-band emission from the niobate complex. Using results from steady state luminescence and kinetic studies, we discuss the flow of energy in these systems following uv excitation, and also consider the quenching mechanism of the luminescence from these systems.