Real Time Multi-Cell Multiple Chemistry Simulation of Reformulated Electrochemical Battery Models for EV and Grid Applications

Tuesday, October 13, 2015: 15:00
101-B (Phoenix Convention Center)


The porous electrode pseudo-two-dimensional (P2D) model  which includes several meaningful internal variables (including potentials and concentrations in solid and liquid phase) provides good predictive capability for battery simulation1. We have performed an orthogonal collocation reformulation of the P2D model for lithium-ion batteries2,3 . The accuracy and short computation time of the reformulated model4are well suited for electric vehicle (EV) and grid application. The use of a electrochemical based model allows for the inclusion of additional physics based phenomena in the model such as temperature, stress, and capacity fade mechanisms.

     EV and Grid application involve large battery modules. In order to perform the most accurate simulation and control of these systems the model must include multiple cells in series parallel combination. For large modules charge balancing becomes problematic. Not all the cells will be at the same state of charge and health. In addition, for grid applications, one might visualize a situation in which lithium-ion batteries with different chemistries being used simultaneously, sometimes even flow batteries in combination with lithium-ion batteries. Systems like these require a thorough multiple cell system model to understand all of these effects.

     This talk will present progress in real-time simulation of physics based models for batteries in hybrid environments. 


The authors acknowledge financial support from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency- Energy (ARPA-E), and the Solar Energy Research Institute in India and the United States (SERIIUS).


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