Preparation of Glucose Oxidase-Immobilized Electrodes Using Cellulose Aqueous Solution

Wednesday, October 14, 2015: 15:20
106-C (Phoenix Convention Center)
M. Yasuzawa, Y. Omura, K. Hiura (Tokushima University), J. Li (Tokushima University), Y. Fuchiwaki (Health Research Institute, AIST), and M. Tanaka (Health Research Institute, AIST)
Nearly transparent cellulose aqueous solution was prepared using the clear layer of diluted cellulose dispersion solution produced by wet jet milling. Glucose oxidase (GOx) was immobilized on platinum-iridium electrode by applying certain amount of cellulose aqueous solution containing GOx and dried for at least two days in room temperature.  The obtained GOx-immobilized electrodes provided good response current up to 22.4 mM.  Good linear relationship between glucose concentration and response current was observed.  Correlation coefficient of 0.994 was obtained ranging from 0 to 11 mM on the electrode prepared using 500 mg/L cellulose and 250 mg/L GOx mixture solution.  The sensor response was significantly fast and steady state current was obtained within one second. The stability of GOx-immobilized electrode response was measured for 30 days. After initial decrease of response current for the first few days, relatively constant responses were obtained for twenty days.