Sustainable Innovations Electrochemical Technologies

Tuesday, October 13, 2015: 14:00
212-B (Phoenix Convention Center)
T. M. Molter (Sustainable Innovations, LLC)
We live in a world that demands innovation.  There is no way forward without a different way of thinking and doing.  Companies cannot sustain themselves, and the world cannot sustain us by conducting business as usual.  It’s time to become smarter about the way we do things.  Sustainable Innovations has developed a low-cost, fluids-flexible, scalable electrochemical platform based on the proton pumping capability of cation exchange membranes to meet near-term and emerging market needs.  Sustainable Innovations’ products serve global, high-value applications including: Hydrogen for industrial use, energy, and vehicle fueling; energy storage (regenerative fuel cells); and recycling CO2 into high-value fuels and chemicals. This paper discusses the key features of the common electrochemical platform as well as important differences in the hardware design elements and electrochemistry associated with each of these specific products that leads to important cost and performance benefits for end-users.