Center for Mesoscale Transport Properties: Molecular to Mesoscale (m2m)

Wednesday, October 14, 2015: 08:00
101-C (Phoenix Convention Center)
E. S. Takeuchi (Stony Brook University)
The mission of the m2m EFRC is to understand and to ultimately control transport properties in complex battery systems with respect to multiple length scales, from molecular to mesoscale (m2m); to minimize heat and maximize work of electrical energy storage devices.

In the context of energy storage the focus is on battery polarization (i.e. thermodynamic voltage - loaded voltage) under use conditions.  The determination of the factors that contribute to and control polarization at the material, electrode, and cell level will be explored under the program.  The organization of the center has been developed to facilitate investigation of the processes taking place over multiple length scales.  Additionally, as electroactive materials in the battery system are in complex environments, including multiple solid as well as liquid interfaces, the behavior of the materials in complex environments will be probed in detail.  Lastly, the impact of time and extended electrochemical activity (electron and ion flux) on the material and energy storage system behavior will be determined.

The efforts of the Center are unified through the investigation of model materials where the initial focus includes examples of 1D, 2D and densely packed materials.   Understanding the function of model materials from the atomic scale to the mesoscale to the systems level will reveal insight into the phenomena that control battery behavior, establishing the paradigms by which to explore and control other storage systems.  Examples of the research results from the Center will be described.