(Invited) Physical, Chemical and Biological Sensors Based on Nanomaterials for Wearable and Smart Electronics

Tuesday, October 13, 2015: 10:50
105-C (Phoenix Convention Center)
N. E. Lee, T. Q. Trung, E. Roh, B. U. Hwang, D. Kim, S. Shrivastava, L. T. Duy, V. Q. Dang, Y. M. Son, W. Lee (Sungkyunkwan University), I. Y. Sohn, J. H. Lee (Sungkyunkwan university), B. Y. Kim (Sungkyunkwan University), S. Siddiqui (Sungkyunkwan University), and S. W. Kim (Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU))
For realization of wearable and smart electronics, developments of physical, chemical and biological sensors and sensor-integrated platforms are essentially required. For various applications such as smart health, cars, buildings or environments in the future, highly sensitive and reliable sensors with new functionalities such as flexibility, stretchability and/or optical transparency are to be integrated in various platforms including watch, glasses, smart phones, textiles, shoes, band, patch and etc. In this presentation, we demonstrate ultrasensitive flexible, stretchable and/or transparent physical (strain, pressure, temperature, IR, UV and visible light), chemical (gases, ions) and biological (protein, DNA, enzyme and small molecule) sensing devices based on low-dimensional nanoscale materials (0D, 1D and 2D), nanocomposites and hierarchical nanohybrids in FET, resistor and optical transducers. Some examples of patchable integrated platforms with multiple sensors or sensor-energy harvester-supercapacitor are presented for monitoring of physiological parameters, emotional expressions, body motions, daily activities of human.