D2-1 Cathode Catalyst Layers 1: Design and Analysis

Wednesday, October 14, 2015: 08:00-12:00
211-A (Phoenix Convention Center)
Stève Baranton and Hiroyuki Uchida
Suppression of Oxygen Reduction Reaction on Pt-Based Electrocatalysts from Ionomer Interaction
S. S. Kocha (National Renewable Energy Laboratory) and K. Shinozaki (National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc.)
Adsorption Behavior of Nafion Ionomers on Au and Pt Surfaces
T. Masuda (National Institute for Materials Science) and K. Uosaki (National Institute for Materials Science)
Pt/Ionomer Interface Analyses with the Combination of Voltammetry and Spectroscopy
K. Kodama, K. Motobayashi (Catalysis Research Center, Hokkaido University), A. Shinohara, N. Hasegawa, K. Kudo, R. Jinnouchi, H. Murata, T. Hatanaka (Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc.), Y. Morimoto (Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc.), and M. Osawa (Catalysis Research Center, Hokkaido University)
In Situ ATR-FTIR Analysis of the Structure of Nafion-Pt/C Interface By Use of MEA-Type Cell
M. Hara, K. Kunimatsu (Fuel Cell Nanomaterials Center, University of Yamanashi), M. Watanabe (Fuel Cell Nanomaterials Center, University of Yamanashi), and H. Uchida (Clean Energy Research Center, University of Yamanashi, Fuel Cell Nanomaterials Center, University of Yamanashi)
Controlled Ionomer Deposition into the Cathode Catalyst Layer By Inkjet Printer for PEM Fuel Cells
A. Aziznia (AFCC Automotive Fuel Cell Cooperation Corp.), M. S. Saha, M. Tam, S. McDermid, D. Susac (Automotive Fuel Cell Cooperation Corp.), and J. Stumper (Automotive Fuel Cell Cooperation Corp.)
Design of New Catalytic Architectures for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell
D. Dru, S. Baranton, P. Buvat (CEA), and C. Coutanceau (Université de Poitiers, IC2MP, UMR CNRS 7285)
Application of Modified-ACLS Electrodes on Low-platinum PEFCs
W. Mei (R&D center,Toshiba Corporation), T. Fukazawa, T. Yang, N. Yoshinaga (R&D center, Toshiba Corporation), and Y. Kanai (R&D center, Toshiba Corporation)
Analysis of Kinetic Parameters and Effect of Pt Loading on Cell Performance of PEFC Electrodes Prepared by Inkjet Printing
S. Shukla, K. Domican (University of Alberta), and M. Secanell (University of Alberta)
Analysis of Cathode Catalyst Layer Structure and Oxygen Transport Resistance Depending on Fabrication Condition in PEFC
Y. Tabe, S. Akabori, T. Hayashi, K. Suzuki (Hokkaido University), and T. Chikahisa (Hokkaido University)
Electrospun Nanofiber Fuel Cell Membrane-Electrode-Assemblies with Pt-Alloy Cathode Catalyst
J. J. Slack (Vanderbilt University), R. Wycisk (Vanderbilt University), N. Dale (Nissan Technical Center North America), E. Niangar (Nissan Technical Center North America), and P. N. Pintauro (Vanderbilt University)