A01 Poster Session

Tuesday, October 13, 2015: 18:00-20:00
West Hall 1 (Phoenix Convention Center)
Won-Sub Yoon and A. Manivannan
Li Pre-Doping of Amorphous Si Thin Flakes in Li-Aromatic Complex Solutions
Y. Masuo (Doshisha University), S. Yoshida (DENSO CORPORATION, Doshisha University), D. Shibata (DENSO CORPORATION), M. Haruta, T. Doi (Doshisha University), and M. Inaba (Doshisha University)
the Growth of Hierarchal Shape Tin Used As Catalysts Support Towards a Binder Free Fuel Cell Anodes (Cancelled)
High Energy Density Capacitor By Plasma-Treated ALD BaTiO3 Thin Films
J. An (Seoul National University of Science and Technology, Stanford University) and F. B. Prinz (Stanford University)
Quinhydrone Formation and Its Impact on the Cell Voltage of the Quinone-Bromide Flow Battery (Cancelled)
Oxidation Controlled Anode Materials for Li Ion Battery
J. J. Jeong (Seoul National University)
Optimization of Dispersion Property of a Thin Ceramic-Coating Layer on Thermal and Electrochemical Properties of Separator for Lithium-Ion Batteries (Cancelled)
Long-Term Stability of Quinone Electrolytes in Aqueous Flow Batteries (Cancelled)
Safety Characteristics of Chemically Delithiated Cathode Active Materials
Y. Aoki (Toray Research Center, Inc.), C. Yanagisawa, T. Nakagawa, Y. Furushima (Toray Research Center, inc.), Y. Hasegawa (Toray Research Center, inc.), and M. Oda (Toray Research Center, Inc.)
Effect of Co Incorporation of Ordered Mesoporous Sn-Based Alloy Materials for Li-Storage
J. Yoon (Department of Energy Science, Sungkyunkwan University), G. O. Park (Department of Energy Science, Sungkyunkwan University), S. B. Park (Department of Chemistry, Sungkyunkwan University), J. M. Kim (Department of Chemistry, Sungkyunkwan University), H. Kim (Hanyang University), and W. S. Yoon (Department of Energy Science, Sungkyunkwan University)
Thermogalvanic Waste Heat Recovery System in Automobiles
A. Gunawan, N. W. Fette, N. Wilson, V. Mujica, D. A. Buttry (Arizona State University), and P. E. Phelan (Arizona State University)
Carbon-Supported Metal Oxide Nanoparticles As Electrocatalysts for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction in Li-O2 Batteries (Cancelled)
High Rate Capability and Long Cycle Stability of Co3O4/CoFe2Onanocomposite As an Anode Material for High-Performance Secondary Lithium Ion Batteries
D. T. Pham, T. Vu Thi, J. Gim, J. Song, S. Kim, J. Jo, M. H. Alfaruqi, S. Kim, S. Park (Chonnam National University), and J. Kim (Chonnam National University)
Nucleation and Growth Controlled Polyol Synthesis of Size-Focused Nanocrystalline LiFePO4 Cathode for High Performance Li-Ion Batteries
J. P. Baboo (Chonnam national university), J. Gim, J. Song, S. Kim, M. H. Alfaruqi (Chonnam National University), J. Jo, J. Lee (Chonnam national university), and J. Kim (Chonnam National University)
Performance of La0.8Sr0.2Co0.8Ni0.2O3-δ-Based Oxygen Electrode for Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cells
Y. Tan, B. Chi (Huazhong University of Scienc and Technology), and N. Q. Duan (Huazhong University of Science and Technology)
All Solid State Supercapacitors Based on Ionic Liquid/Crosslinked PEO-PPO Tetrablock Copolymer Electrolytes
J. H. Han (Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology, Hanyang University), T. H. Kim (Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology), and Y. T. Hong (Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology)
Co9S8@MoS2 Core-Shell Structures Formed on Carbon Nanofibers As Switchable Electrocatalyst for H2 and O2 Evolutions (Cancelled)
Synthesis at Low Cost and Large Scale of Silicon Powder Suitable for Li-Ion Anodes
C. Reale Hernandez (INRS-EMT), Z. Karkar (CNRS-IMN; INRS-EMT), D. Guyomard (CNRS-IMN), B. Lestriez (CNRS-IMN), and L. Roué (INRS-EMT)
High Energy and High Power Electrically Rechargeable Zinc-Air Battery
G. Toussaint (Electricité de France, R&D division), P. Stevens (Electricité de France, R&D division), R. Rouget (SCPS), and F. Fourgeot (SCPS)
Ccto-P(VDF-CTFE) 0-3 Composites for Energy Storage Application (Cancelled)
Study on Electrochemical Performance of Thin Film C60 As an Anode Material for Lithium Secondary Batteries (Cancelled)
Hydrocarbon Membrane for Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries (Cancelled)
High Temperature Lithium Ion Chemistry Development in Saft (Cancelled)
Sealed Recombinant Flow Batteries
S. Selverston (Case Western Reserve University) and J. S. Wainright (Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, USA)
Highly Dispersed Poly(vinylidene fluoride) and Carbon Black in NMC Cathodes Produced Via Non-NMP Electrovaya Superpolymer 2.0 Processing Method (Cancelled)
Manufacturing Low Cost Nano-Coatings for High Performance Battery Materials
J. E. Trevey, P. R. Lichty (PneumatiCoat Technologies), D. M. King (PneumatiCoat Technologies), and S. J. Cho (North Carolina A&T State University)
Capacitive Performance of MWCNTs Decorated with MnOx and Silver Nanoparticles As Electrodes in Neutral Electrolytes
Q. Yang (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University) and K. C. Yung (Hong Kong Polytechnic University)