Carbon Dioxide Conversion

Thursday, October 15, 2015: 09:00-12:10
104-B (Phoenix Convention Center)
Vaidyanathan Subramanian and Ying Li
Graphene Oxides and Their Hybrids for CO2 Conversion and Solar Fuels
L. C. Chen (Center for Condensed Matter Sciences, Natl Taiwan Univ) and K. H. Chen (Inst. of Atomic and Molecular Sci., Academia Sinica)
Impact of Catalyst Performance on the Life-Cycle CO2 Emissions of Methanol Production By Direct Electrocatalytic Reduction of CO2 (Cancelled)
Electroreduction of CO2 to Synthesis Gas and Hydrocarbons on Doped Carbons
A. S. Varela (Technical University Berlin) and P. Strasser (Technical University Berlin)
Co-Electrolysis Cell Configurations for CO2 Electrochemical Reduction
J. Durst, J. S. Herranz, Y. Paratcha (Electrochemistry Laboratory, Paul Scherrer Institut), A. A. Permyakova (Electrochemistry Laboratory, Paul Scherrer Institut), and T. J. Schmidt (Paul Scherrer Institut, Laboratory of Physical Chemistry, ETH Zürich)
The Effect of Electrolyte on the Electrochemical Reduction of CO2 to CO
S. Verma, X. Lu, S. Ma (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), and P. J. A. Kenis (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Fully Integrated Stand-Alone Device for Gas-Phase CO2 Reduction Using Sunlight: Proof of Concept
M. Arab, T. L. Church, X. Li, T. Maschmeyer (The University of Sydney), and A. I. Minett (The University of Sydney)
Magnetic Fields That Enhance the Rates of Multistep Reactions Important in Energy Storage and Conversion
W. L. Gellett, H. C. Lee, J. J. Reed (University of Iowa), and J. Leddy (University of Iowa)