Flowers-like Fe3O4/ Rgo Hybrid Nanocomposites Facile Synthesis for Rapid Detection of Riboflavin

Wednesday, 4 October 2017: 11:10
Chesapeake L (Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center)


Sensors are playing a key role in deciding the long healthy life of mankind and the materials decides the economy. Hence, the present study focused on the development of a novel one-pot green biosurfactant nanoarchitecturing of flower like Fe3O4 anchored reduced graphene oxide (Fe3O4/rGO) sheets concurrently with improved physico-chemical properties for sensor applications. The flower-like Fe3O4/rGO hybrid nanocomposites are composed of Fe3O4 nanopetals with an average size of 33.2 nm connected at the center and anchored in rGO nanosheets. XPS results of Fe3O4 show the presence of mixed FeO and Fe2O3 forms corroborated with XRD analysis. The Fe3O4/rGO provides good micro-environment for convenient conjugation of biomolecules and exhibited improved riboflavin (RF) detection with 89 nM detection limit with excellent anti-interference ability, good reproducibility and stability. These excellent electrocatalytic performances are can be correlated to the increased electrode surface area, diffusion controlled electron transfer kinetic and highly stable matrix of Fe3O4/rGO with unique flower-like structure. Thus, the facile green synthesized Fe3O4/rGO nanocomposite is a promising potential electrode material for sensor applications.