(Invited) Chemical Sensor Commercialization:  Examples from Printed Amperometric Sensors

Tuesday, 3 October 2017: 10:00
Chesapeake J (Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center)
M. T. Carter (KWJ Engineering, Inc), J. R. Stetter (SPEC Sensors, LLC), and M. W. Findlay (KWJ Engineering, Inc.)
Chemical sensors are poised to become a significant contributor to the overall IoT landscape. Chemical sensors, including the tiny, ultralow power printed gas sensor that our company develops, are expected to play growing roles in the current industrial health and safety market, as well as emerging applications in personal exposure monitoring, particularly with mobile and wearable platforms (phones, watches), but also in fixed site monitoring for outdoor and indoor use. Substantial benefits to public health and well-being can be realized through awareness of the environmental health risks around us. This presentation will discuss recent developments in these areas by us and our partners as well as highlighting some of the similarities and differences in business considerations vs. the research endeavor, in the context of product development. These aspects are important to understand in order to develop and validate a technology and ultimately successfully turn it into a product.