(Invited Plenary) Latest Research and Development of PEM Water Electrolysis Technology in South Korea

Monday, 2 October 2017: 11:20
National Harbor 2/3 (Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center)
S. Moon, C. Moon, H. Jung, Y. Choi, and C. Han (ElchemTech)
Reduction of CO2 emission has been an issue around the globe, and most countries are considering renewable energy such as solar and wind power to reduce overall CO2 emission. However, the method of maximizing the utilization of renewable energy needs consideration.

Utilizing water electrolysis is one of considered solution. The concept is to create hydrogen through water electrolysis using excess power produced by renewable energy. Then, produced hydrogen can be used in various fields.

In order to maximize utilization of renewable energy with water electrolysis, three attributes should be considered for water electrolysis; High pressure, large surface area, and high current density.

The following presentation contains three topics; 1. An introduction of latest research and development made in Korea on water electrolysis including PEM water electrolysis, 2. PEM water electrolysis research in Korea, led by Elchemtech and 3. Research conducted by Elchemtech on how to reach the target goal; large active area (3,000cm2), high current density (3A/cm2) and high pressure (350bar).