(Invited) Shedding Light in Nanothermometry

Wednesday, 4 October 2017: 10:00
Chesapeake 11 (Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center)


Luminescent ratiometric thermometers combining high spatial and temporal resolution at the micro and nanoscale, where the conventional methods are ineffective, have emerged over the last decade as an effervescent field of research, essentially motivated by their potential applications in nanotechnology, photonics and biomedicine [1]. Among the distinct luminescent thermal probes, Ln3+-based materials play a central role in the field due to their unique thermometric response and intriguing emission features (e.g., high quantum yield, narrow bandwidth, long-lived emission, large Stokes shifts, and ligand-dependent luminescence sensitization).

One of the main challenge that is currently facing scientists in the field is to use luminescent thermometry for unveiling thermometers’ local surrounding properties, as, for instance, heat transfer in heater-thermometer nanoplatforms [2], the absorption coefficient and thermal diffusivity of tissues in small animals [3] and the measurement of the instantaneous ballistic velocity of Brownian nanocrystals suspended in both aqueous and organic solvents based on upconversion nanothermometry [4].

 This lecture presents a general revision of the work done in the last couple of years on ratiometric luminescent nanothermometers with foucus on recent examples in which the technique was used for unveiling thermometers’ local surrounding properties.

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