Non Toxic Functional Hydrophobic Anticorrosion and Antifouling Coating for Application in Marine Structures

Tuesday, 3 October 2017: 09:40
Camellia 3 (Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center)


The main aim of this work is to prepare a multifunctional coating for marine applications by modifying the surface properties without the use of toxic elements. Non-toxic, non-biocidal, economical and eco-friendly Antifouling coating was fabricated with silicone acrylic resin, Nano silica, Titanium dioxide and other pigments possessing functional properties by mixing in an attritor and applied by simple spray coating method. The physical and chemical properties of the coated film surface was characterized by Contact angle measurement, SEM, FTIR, Abrasion test, Impedance test and Salt spray test. The antifouling property was evaluated through field immersion studies in sea water. Hydrophobicity of the coating is substantiated from 135˚water contact angle.The SEM image shows hierarchical structures responsible for hydrophobicity. FTIR analysis reveals the presence of functional elements. The anticorrosive property of the coating was predominant on continuous exposure for several hours in the salt spray chamber. Impedance spectra also proves that the coating is corrosion resistant even after several days of exposure in NaCl solution. The antifouling behavior evaluated for a duration of 45 days of immersion in sea water confirms sustained antifouling protection without the use of biocides and toxic volatile compounds. There was no macro-fouling present on the surface of the exposed panels. The coating possess better functional properties and exhibits better resistance to corrosion and fouling.