Simultaneous Function of Gd2O3 As Solid Dopant and Sintering Aid for Anode Support Type Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

Thursday, 5 October 2017: 08:20
National Harbor 7 (Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center)


For anode support-type solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC), the mechanical strength of anode layer is important factor for commercialization and scale-up. The high sinterability of anode support increase the strength of the cell. NiO/Gd-doped ceria(GDC) cermet is commonly used material for anode support. However, in this study NiO/undoped-ceria(CeO2) was employed as starting material due to the purpose of adopting Gd2O3 as a sintering aid and a dopant. Gd2O3 was uniformly formed on the surface of NiO/CeO2 anode particles. During the sintering procedure, the Gd-ion migrate from Gd2O3 which was formed on the pre-sintered anode support to CeO2 due to similar atomic radius between Gd and Ce. In addition, sinterability of anode support was improved since Gd2O3 functioned as sintering aids. Finally, open-circuit voltage (OCV) was enhanced by less electrical loss and gas separation in soild electrolyte.