Batteries 2

Tuesday, 15 May 2018: 14:00-18:00
Room 613 (Washington State Convention Center)
Kejie Zhao
Mechanical Properties and Microstructure Evolution of Silicon Composite Electrodes
Y. Wang (University of Kentucky), Q. Zhang (General Motors), D. Li (Shanghai University), J. Hu, J. Xu, D. Dang (University of Kentucky), X. Xiao (General Motors, R&D Center), and Y. T. Cheng (University of Kentucky)
Thermal-Mechanical-Electrochemical Coupling Simulation for Electric Vehicle Batteries
X. Li (Robert Bosch LLC), S. Chumakov (Rober Bosch LLC), J. Christensen (Robert Bosch LLC), X. Zhang, and C. Linder (Stanford University)
In-Situ Electrochemical Stiffness in Li-ion batteries
A. A. Gewirth (University of Illinois) and K. E. Lundberg (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
In Situ Measurement of Strain and Stress Evolution in Lithium Iron Phosphate Electrodes during Electrochemical Cycling
Ö. Ö. Çapraz (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), K. E. Lundberg (University of Illinois), S. R. White (Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology), A. A. Gewirth (University of Illinois), and N. R. Sottos (Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology)
(Invited) Influence of Mechanical Stress on Lithium Chemical Potential in Lithium Ion Battery Electrodes
K. Amezawa (Tohoku University), K. Funayama (Tohoku University, Japan), Y. Kimura (Tohoku University), F. Mahunnop (Tohoku University, Japan), T. Nakamura (Tohoku University), N. Kuwata, J. Kawamura (IMRAM, Tohoku University), and T. Kawada (Tohoku University)
Effect of Electrochemically Induced Fracture and Fatigue on Capacity and Kinetics of LiXMn2O4
F. P. McGrogan IV, S. R. Bishop, S. Raja, Y. M. Chiang, and K. J. Van Vliet (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Phase-Field Modeling of Solid Electrolyte Interphase (SEI) Cracking in Lithium Batteries
P. Guan, L. Liu (The University of Kansas), and Y. Gao (North Minzu University)
Modeling Phase Transition in Battery Electrodes Using the Coupled Cahn-Hilliard – Phase Field Crystal Methods
A. Renuka Balakrishna, Y. M. Chiang, and W. C. Carter (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)