Tubular SOFC with Hollow Fiber Ceramic Support and Inner Coating

Thursday, 30 July 2015
Hall 2 (Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre)
Z. Yang, T. Zhu (China University of Mining and Technology, Beijing), and M. Han (China University of Mining and Technology, Beijing, Department of Thermal Engineering, Tsinghua University)
In this work, zirconia supported segmented-in-series type single cell with inner side coating was studied. The support tube was fabricated through phase-inversion method using 3%mol Y2O3 doped ZrO2 (TZP). Then the NiO-8%mol Y2O3 stabilized ZrO2 (YSZ) anode layer, YSZ electrolyte layer and (La0.8Sr0.2)0.95Mn3O3-δ (LSM)-YSZ cathode layer and LSM layer was applied by screen printing and high-temperature sintering in proper orders. Finally, La0.4Sr0.6Co0.2Fe0.7Nb0.1O3-δ (LSCFN) - Gd0.1Ce0.9O1.95 (GDC) composite layer was coated on the inner side of the support tube. Cell performance characterization was conducted using room-temperature humidified hydrogen and methane at a gas flow rate of 40mL/min inside the tube and ambient air at cathode side. Results show that, the open circuit voltage at 850 oC under H2 and CH4 was 1.04V and 1.08V separately, while the corresponding maximum power density was 96 and 106 mW/cm2 respectively. No obvious degradations were observed in the stability test under humidified H2 for 50h and CH4 for 250h.