Study of 2R-Cell Equipped with LSC and LSCF Cathodes under Thermic and Redox Cycling

Monday, 27 July 2015: 17:20
Boisdale (Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre)
P. Coquoz, C. Grize, J. Ruiz, A. Bourradou (Fiaxell Sarl), S. Diethelm, V. Singh (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)), and R. Ihringer (Fiaxell Sarl)
The 2R-Cell, developed by Fiaxell Sàrl, provides robustness and reliability upon multiple thermic and redox cycles. In this article we present the results of 2R-Cell tested under thermic and redox cycles. Different cathodes were studied, composite LSC-GDC and LSCF, in terms of electrical performances and resistance to thermic cycles. Degradation due to multiple thermic and redox cycles is reported and discussed. Three composite LSC-GDC cathodes were tested (40, 60 and 75 % GDC). Surprisingly the highest power density was achieved with a cathode containing 75% of GDC in the composite layer. The cell provided a current density of 1060 [mA/cm2] at 0.8 V and 780°C, before thermic cycling. This cell underwent 40 thermic cycles with an average power loss of 0.7 % per cycle and providing a power of 621 [mW/cm2] at the end. A LSCF cathode equipped 2R-Cell, tested by EPFL our partner in an EU project (Roxsolidcell), was subjected to 20 thermic cycles and 20 redox cycles. With this cathode material the average ASR increase was 0.3% per thermic cycle and 0.5 % per redox cycle. SEM pictures of the tested cells after thermic and redox cycles are presented and discussed.