Charge Transfer in Advanced Photovoltaic Systems

Wednesday, May 14, 2014: 08:00-09:40
Floridian Ballroom H, Lobby Level (Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek)
Redox-Gated Molecular Memory Devices Based on Dynamic Doping of Polythiophene
R. L. McCreery (National Institute for Nanotechnology, University of Alberta), B. Das, R. Pillai (National Institute for Nanotechnology, Department of Chemistry, University of Alberta), N. Pekas (National Institute for Nanotechnology), and D. B. James (University of Alberta)
Oxygen Transport in Perovskite-Type Materials for SOFCs Cathodes: What Can We Learn from Quantum Mechanics
A. B. Muñoz-García, M. Pavone (University of Naples Federico II), A. M. Ritzmann, and E. A. Carter (Princeton University)
Time-Resolved Photoluminescence and Light‑Induced Electron Spin Resonance Studies of Photo-Induced Charge Transfer in New Polyazomethines:Fullerene for Organic Solar Cells (Cancelled)