AIMD - 1

Monday, 25 May 2015: 08:00-10:20
Conference Room 4K (Hilton Chicago)
Stephen J. Paddison
New Method to Determine Eley-Rideal Barriers for 2e- and 4e-  Oxygen Reduction Reactions in Fuel Cells
T. H. Yu, H. C. Tsai, S. Ravishankar, and W. A. Goddard III (California Institute of Technology)
Molecular Dynamics Study for Lithium Ion Diffusion in Layered LixCoO2 (x=0.5~1.0)
S. Hattori, T. Kunikiyo, and Y. Tokita (Sony Corporation)
Multiscale Modeling of the Electrode/Electrolyte Interface Using Charge Optimized Many Body (ECOMB3) Potentials
S. A. Akhade (The Pennsylvania State University), A. C. Antony, T. Liang (University of Florida), M. J. Janik, J. K. Maranas (The Pennsylvania State University), and S. B. Sinnott (University of Florida)