Mechanistic Organic Electrochemistry 2

Wednesday, 27 May 2015: 14:00-17:20
PDR 5 (Hilton Chicago)
Dennis G Peters and Albert Joseph Fry
Nitrogen Containing O- and P-Quinones As Cathode Materials for Lithium Batteries
A. Shimizu, Y. Tsujii, H. Kuramoto, T. Nokami (Kyoto University), Y. Inatomi, N. Hojo (Panasonic Corporation), and J. I. Yoshida (Kyoto University)
Electrochemical and Spectrophotometric Study of the Hydration of Orthophthalaldehyde and Its Reaction with Amines and Aminoacids
K. Kantnerová, J. Donkeng Dazie (J. Heyrovský Institute of Physical Chemistry, University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague), and J. Ludvík (J. Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry)
Electrocatalytic Aziridination of Alkenes in an Undivided Cell Mediated By Iodide
C. Zeng (College of Life Science & Bioengineering) and J. Chen (Beijing University of Technology)
The Selective Coupling and Quantification of Peptides on a Polymer-Coated Microelectrode Array
M. D. Graaf and K. D. Moeller (Washington University in St. Louis)
Insights into the Distance Dependence of the Electron Transfer Rate through the Monolayer Protecting Au25 Nanoclusters
F. Maran, S. Antonello, T. Dainese, M. De Nardi (University of Padova), and A. Venzo (National Research Council)
Electrochemical Cyclization of Brominated Allyl Ethers with the Aid of a Chiral Catalyst
E. Pasciak, J. Rittichier, M. J. Medeiros, M. VanNieuwenzhe, and D. G. Peters (Indiana University)