Oxygen Evolution and Bifunctional Catalysts

Tuesday, 26 May 2015: 13:55-17:30
Conference Room 4B (Hilton Chicago)
Hui Xu and Plamen Atanassov
Introductory Remarks
Catalyst Design of Delafossite Oxides for Water Electrolysis Anode Using Theoretical Calculations
K. Toyoda, R. Hinogami, N. Miyata, and M. Aizawa (Advanced Research Division, Panasonic Corporation)
Electrocatalytic Oxygen Evolution over Nano Scaled Amorphous Ni−Fe Particles in Alkaline Electrolyte
Y. Qiu (Iowa State University), L. Xin (Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis), and W. Li (Iowa State University)
Understanding the Influence of Structure on Activity and Stability in the Catalysis of the Oxygen Evolution Reaction (OER) Using Crystalline Oxides As a Platform
G. Gardner, P. Smith, C. Kaplan, J. F. Al-Sharab, Y. B. Go, M. Greenblatt, and G. C. Dismukes (Rutgers University)
Structural Dynamism in Manganese Oxides in the Potential Regime for Water Oxidation: ASERS Study
C. Ranjan (Max Planck Institute for Chemical Energy Conversion)
Perovskite Oxides Electrodes for Alkaline Oxygen Evolution Reaction
B. Sljukic (CeFEMA, Instituto Superior Tecnico, ULisboa), M. Martins (Universidade de Lisboa), D. M. F. Santos (CeFEMA, Instituto Superior Tecnico, ULisboa), L. Amaral (Universidade de Lisboa), N. Sousa (CICECO), C. A. C. Sequeira (CeFEMA, Instituto Superior Tecnico, ULisboa), and F. M. Figueiredo (CICECO)
(La,Sr)CoO3-Rgo Hybrid Oxygen Reduction Reaction/Oxygen Evolution Reaction Bifunctional Catalyst
H. T. Chung, W. Gao, D. C. Higgins, U. Martinez, R. Mukundan, U. Tylus (Los Alamos National Laboratory), J. H. Dumont (University of New Mexico), G. M. Purdy, A. M. Dattelbaum, and P. Zelenay (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
Screening of Oxygen Reduction and Evolution Electrocatalysts By Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy
S. X. Huang, W. F. Xiong, and Y. C. Weng (Feng Chia University)
Oxygen Reduction and Oxygen Evolution Electrocatalysts Prepared By Sacrificial Support Method (SSM)
A. Serov, N. Andersen, I. Matanovic, A. Roy, and P. Atanassov (University of New Mexico)
Nickel Oxide Nanoclusters for Electrocatalytic Water Oxidation
D. W. Kim, J. R. Avila, S. I. Baik, M. H. Beyzavi (Northwestern University), J. D. Emery (Argonne National Laboratory), D. Seidman (Northwestern University), A. B. F. Martinson (Argonne National Laboratory), O. K. Farha (King Abdulaziz University), and J. T. Hupp (Northwestern University)