Analytical Study of the Band GAP and Optical Characteristics of Copper Sulphide Thin Film: Experiment and Computation

Wednesday, October 14, 2015: 14:00
Remington B (Hyatt Regency)
E. I. Ugwu, J. Okwo (Madonna University), D. U. Onah (EBSU, Abakaliki), and J. E. Ekpe (EBSU, Abakaliki)
In this work, the analytical study of optical properties and band gap of copper sulphide thin film were carried out comparatively using two different but related depositional techniques done at room temperature. The techniques were (a) successive ionic layer adsorption and reaction and (b) chemical bath deposition. The film was characterized with emphasis on the optical properties within the spectral range of ultraviolet -infrared region of electromagnetic spectrum, Absorption coefficient depicts a maximal value of the band gap ranging from 1.45eV to 3.33 eV. Theoretically, scalar wave equation was used to analyze the behavior of wave propagated through the copper sulphide thin film for which computation of the optical properties such spectral transmittance, reflectance were computed. The band gap of the thin film was also computed for which all the computation was carried out within the same spectral range. In the analysis, it was observed that there was no significant deviation between the band gap obtained from the two different depositional techniques and the computed band gap

  Keywords;Analytical study, copper Sulphide, optical properties, band gap, Scalar wave, deposition, computation, wave propagation.