Nanotechnology General Session

Wednesday, October 14, 2015: 14:00-17:20
Remington B (Hyatt Regency)
O. M Leonte and Mahendra Kumar Sunkara
Analytical Study of the Band GAP and Optical Characteristics of Copper Sulphide Thin Film: Experiment and Computation
E. I. Ugwu, J. Okwo (Madonna University), D. U. Onah (EBSU, Abakaliki), and J. E. Ekpe (EBSU, Abakaliki)
Electroassisted Assembly of Alkylphosphonic Acids Monolayers on Nitinol
S. Devillers, A. Vanhooland, T. Issakova, J. Delhalle (University of Namur - CES Laboratory), and Z. Mekhalif (University of Namur - CES Laboratory)
Cellular Toxicity Assessment and Environmental Impact of Pre- and Post-CMP Nanoparticle Slurries
K. Kosaraju (University of North Carolina at Greensboro), S. Crawford (North Carolina A&T State University), and S. Aravamudhan (North Carolina A&T State University)
Surface-Initiated ATRP of (hydroxyethyl)Methacrylate on Nitinol Modified By in Situ Generated Diazonium from Its Nitro Precursor
A. Jacques, J. Delhalle (University of Namur - CES Laboratory), and Z. Mekhalif (University of Namur - CES Laboratory)
Fabrication of Large Scale Silver Nanowire Network By Ion Beam Irradiation (Cancelled)
Influence of Focused Electron Beam on Electrical Characterization of Advanced Mosfets (Cancelled)
Ultrasound Asissted LiFePO4 Nano Plate Synthesis Via Subsequential Aqueous Precipitation Method
S. Dogu (Middle East Technical University) and M. K. Aydinol (Middle East Technical University)
Electrochemical Separation, Pumping, and Storage of Hydrogen or Oxygen into Nanocapillaries Via High Pressure MEA Seals
R. D. Reeves, N. R. Schwartz, G. E. Chester (Mainstream Engineering Corp.), D. S. Diez, M. L. Solomon (Mainstream Engineering Corp., Florida Institute of Technology), P. Cox (Mainstream Engineering Corp.), and J. J. Hill (Mainstream Engineering Corp.)
High Resolution 3-Dimensional Chemical and Morphological Imaging of Single LixFePO4 Particles
Y. S. Yu (University of Illinois at Chicago, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory), D. Shapiro (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory), M. Farmand (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory), C. Kim (Chungnam National University, University of Illinois at Chicago), Y. Liu (SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, USA), and J. Cabana (JCESR at University of Illinois at Chicago)
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