(Keynote) Oxide based Resistive Memories for Low Power Embedded Applications and Neuromorphic Systems

Wednesday, October 14, 2015: 08:00
Curtis B (Hyatt Regency)
E. Vianello, D. Garbin (CEA Leti), N. Jovanovic, O. Bichler (CEA List), O. Thomas (CEA Leti), B. de Salvo (CEA-LETI), and L. Perniola (CEA, LETI, MINATEC Campus)
The application potential of the new emerging resistive memories - as phase change memory (PCM), metal oxide resistive switching memory (OxRAM), conductive-bridge memory (CBRAM) or magnetic memories (MRAM) - covers the standalone memory technologies (as NAND and DRAM), but offers also potential for exciting new applications and markets, as new functionality coupled with logic circuits to enable block power-down, or use as synapses in neuromorphic circuits.

In this work, we will focus on the role that metal oxide resistive switching memory (OxRAM) can play in these new emerging fields of applications. Concerning the introduction of non-volatile functionality at the logic level, we will demonstrate hybrid (CMOS logic + ReRAM devices) circuits for Ultra Low Power (ULP) fixed-logic IC design (as Non Volatile Flip-Flops). Concerning neuromorphic circuits, we will focus on the emulation of synaptic plasticity effects with resistive memories synapses. We will show the implementation of large-scale energy efficient neuromorphic systems with deterministic multi-level synapses or stochastic-binary synapses. Prototype applications such as complex visual- pattern extraction will be also shown using Convolutional Neural Networks.