Manipulation of Nanoscale 3 Dimensional Architecture: Graphitic Carbon/Nickel Core-Shell Structured Nanoparticles Dispersed on Carbon Black Support

Tuesday, October 13, 2015
West Hall 1 (Phoenix Convention Center)


Graphitic carbon and nickel core-shell structured nanoparticle was designed as a high surface area carbon with enhanced crystallinity and it was achieved by facile synthetic route. Nickel nanoparticle was directly deposited on mechanically agitating carbon black nanoparticle. After that, Ni/C was heated at high temperature and then cooled to room temperature. As a result, graphitic carbon layer covered Ni nanoparticles dispersed on carbon nanoparticle was obtained. In the suggested synthetic route, Ni acted as carbon transporter from support carbon black to surface graphite and also catalyst for graphitic layer on Ni surface by dissolution-precipitation reaction. Morphological evolution from the carbon black nanoparticle to graphitic carbon and nickel core-shell nanoparticle was shown. In addition, phase change of cored nickel nanoparticle and thickness of newly precipitated graphitic carbon layer were investigated. This study was focused on the validation for the particle design and however, it could be deduced that morphology and crystallinity of  GC/Ni core-shell nanoparticle are manipulated by Ni content and heat treatment temperature.