Functionality Supports Synthesis of Tungsten Carbides for Catalytic Applications By Arc Plasma Deposition Process

Tuesday, October 13, 2015
West Hall 1 (Phoenix Convention Center)


Tungsten carbides(WC) are applied for both catalysts and supports for other catalysts. Tungsten(W) is directly deposited on carbon black particle via physical vapor deposition process and then thermo-chemical conversion reaction. It is also difficult to distribute constituent nanoparticles uniformly. To overcome the dispersion uniformity, tungsten(W) is directly deposited on carbon black support via physical vapor deposition. Pure tungsten(W) or tungsten oxide(WO3) is converted into tungsten carbide(WC) via interaction with carbonaceous materials. On the other hand, It was occurred for in-situ carburization to Arc Plasma Deposition(APD) process using tungsten(W) target. and crystallinity of carbon black(Vulcan VX-72) support was Enhanced. Tungsten carbides(WC) nano-attached particle can be used for final products or precursors for end products.